Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adventures in meal planning - week of 9 January 2012

One of this year's good intentions is to be more organised for evening meals, instead of the usual panic just before I leave work to pick Kien up from daycare and oh-what-am-I-going-to-feed-him palava that ensues as I'm racing down each supermarket isle baffled by the myriad of options. So as it is already Wednesday what a perfect time for me to be doing our meal plan for the remainder of this week, being the first of my adventures in meal planning. This means I can also tick Monday and Tuesday off as being "achieved", after the fact.


Rice and BBQ wings (from the supermarket "Ready made dinners" isle)


Hopeway Restaurant for Beijing style skewered meat.


Beef stir-fry with silverbeet, carrots, courgettes (all from Kien's Granddad and Margaret's garden in Whangarei), ginger, garlic and onions.


Beef tacos


Thai green chicken curry with vegetables (either takeout or I'll make if I have the energy)


Leftovers from lunch at Dad's


Meatballs and fresh garden salad.

Man, that was hard work. Hopefully this meal planning business will get easer as each week progresses.

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